dbFront 1.2.2 is the New Standard

dbFront 1.2.2 is the New Standard

23, Nov Anthony van Orizande

The newest anything always seems best, until you put it to the test...

We have been testing the 1.2.2 branch of dbFront these past 6 months, and it has stabilized to the point where it is ready to replace dbFront 1.1.5 as the new Stable release. With 38 new features and 89 fixes, dbFront 1.2.2 represents a significant improvement over previous versions of dbFront.

dbFront 1.2.2 is Stable

The 1.2.2 branch of dbFront continues the theme of adding user requested functionality. The three most significant features are:

  • Home Screen: Adding a Home Screen to database applications helps users get to work faster,
  • Crystal Reports: Allow users to download or print complex and powerful Crystal Reports,
  • Custom Layout: Optionally allow Power Users to create their own custom layout for any table,

The detailed feature list is below includes many usabilty features like row-count bubbles on the table tabs:

  • CSS/Column: Assign a Field's CSS class to its grid column for column-specific layout.
  • CSS/Grid: Support multiple pipe | separated, CSS class names. See: Table-Row-Styling
  • CrystalReports
    • Able to return multiple types: csv, doc, pdf, rtf, tsv, xls.
    • Added the ability to run Crystal Reports. See: CrystalReports
    • Optionally print Crystal Reports to a Server Printer.
  • Excel: Updated OpenXml.
  • GridEdit
    • Added support for GridEditing on tables with Row Security.
    • The RowCSS immediately refreshes with grid data changes.
  • HomeScreen
    • Expand profile expressions in the content HTML.
    • Improved Default.
    • List selected action buttons as reports.
    • List selected action buttons that don't require an active record.
    • List selected multi-row reports.
    • List selected tables.
    • New database home screen with a menu item and customizable title and content.
    • Now supports {%DatabaseCaption%},{%TableCaption%},{%LogoUri%},{%InspirationalQuote%}
    • Respect visibility expressions on action buttons.
    • Sanitize the home screen HTML when saving.
  • LDAP: Added ability to set LDAP filter for ADFS.
  • Menu: Optionally move the Database menu into the home screen.
  • MyLayout
    • Add ability to manage Custom Layout access.
    • Allow users to create/edit their own version of a table's layout.
    • Users can easily switch between the default and custom layouts.
  • OpenURL
    • Allow "file://c:\filepath\file.pdf" to resolve to a Local Download.
    • Local Download limited to specific "safe" file types.
    • Settings configure Allowed Local FilePaths. e.g. c:\filepath*.pdf
  • Oracle: Updated Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.
  • PageFooter: Now supports {%DatabaseCaption%},{%TableCaption%},{%LogoUri%},{%InspirationalQuote%}
  • Settings: Optionally block the ability to export/import data from the Admin database screen.
  • System: The site warning or error can now be discarded. Still visible in the System Monitor.
  • Table: TableHeaders will float above the data when the page is scrolled down.
  • TableTabs: Child Tabs now show a row count for 1-1 and 1-M relationships.
  • Themes: Added a clean/flat version of standard themes by clearing background images.
  • WebRequests
    • Added option to load a table field from an external URL.
    • Optionally parse JSON requests using JsonPath.
    • Optionally parse XML requests using XPath.
    • WebRequest is now a firstclass button type.

The full release history for the 1.2.2 branch can be found at Release History 1.2.2

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