Helping Small Businesses Thrive !

Complexity kills time, drains energy and generally distracts you from your business.
We keeps things simple so that you can stay focused on what is central to your business.

Rapid Application Design

Our specialty is building custom data collection and maintenance applications quickly. Using our in-house tool dbFront we can often build these applications in days or weeks. Where possible we will integrate directly with your existing systems to avoid data duplication.

Database Analysis

At the core of any business or organization is a pile of information about your clients, products, services, and more. Let us help you get a handle on all that data and put it to good use for your business. We have more than 20 years of experience working with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Excel to Database Application

Has your Excel Spreadsheet outgrown its usefulness? Let us help you turn that spreadsheet into a proper database application so you can share that data with everyone in your office and at home.


Do you need help creating reports? Using our own tool dbFront or a reporting tool of your choice we can help you turn the data you have into the information you need to drive your business forward. Using dbFront we can even allow for self-service reporting.

Website Design

Want your customers to find you online? Let us help you build your online presence with an attractive and functional website that you can update as needed.

Need Something more..

Does your website need a shopping cart, a blog, or custom data from your own database? Let us know and we will use our expertise to make it happen.

Pre-Project Inventory

We start each project with a quick inventory of what you already have and what your already know. This allows us to integrate our solutions into your existing environment instead of creating yet more mind numbing complexity.

What is this dbFront you speak of?

We do a portion of our client work with a tool we created specifically for DBA's and Analysts named dbFront.