dbFront 1.1.0 - Row Styling

dbFront 1.1.0 - Row Styling

14, Oct Anthony van Orizande

The latest version of #dbFront now incorporates Conditional Row Color & Styling on #Oracle, #SQLServer and #MySQL databases.

dbFront ( allows you to assign a data specific CSS class to table rows. On the Table Fields tab of the Table Preferences, you can choose a specific field and assign it to set the Row CSS Class.

When you select a field to provide the Row CSS Class, then dbFront will take the raw field value and turn it into a safe CSS class name.

The resulting CSS class name will be added to the tag for that table row. Using custom CSS you can then affect that rows styling in any way you like.

Using CSS to style your table rows is both reasonably safe and very powerful. The CSS can't mess with the actual data but it can significantly alter the position and appearance of the table rows.

For more details see: https://dbfront.com/table-row-styling

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