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New Year and New Company

16, Jan Anthony van Orizande

With the start of this new year of 2021, dbFront Works, the company behind dbFront has incorporated as Big Ideas Computing Ltd.

dbFront Works was originally created as a sole proprietorship to simplify administration and minimize costs.  With the continued growth of our main product dbFront, it is time to incorporate. Being incorporated allows us to take advantage of new opportunities, investment options and other funding.

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The 1.0.15 branch has stabilized with 17 new features and 55 fixes and will only be receiving important bug fixes going forward. It contains lots of dependability for your #sqlserver, #mysql and #oracle database applications.

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dbFront 1.1.0 - Row Styling

14, Oct Anthony van Orizande

The latest version of #dbFront now incorporates Conditional Row Color & Styling on #Oracle, #SQLServer and #MySQL databases.

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What #sql #database structure would most naturally lead to a cascading dropdown?

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The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, is the latest regulation from the EU that is forcing business owners around the globe to re-think their beloved website analytics and other website functionality.

Up to this point collecting all manner of information from web users has been easy, free and incredibly useful for businesses of all sizes. Simply add a small 3rd party script to your website and all kinds of website traffic information is now available to you whenever you want to go and look at it. In the process, companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, StatCounter and many others were able to collect great gobs of information about where online users spent their time.

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