dbFront 1.1.1 Feature Release

dbFront 1.1.1 Feature Release

22, Jan Anthony van Orizande

The 1.1.1 branch of dbFront is now the feature release. This release builds on 1.1.0 by solidifying the Grid Editing, Excel Export, Row Styling and many other features and adding significantly improved support for very large Active Directories. In total there are 26 features and 69 fixes as compared to dbFront 1.0.15.

dbFront 1.1.1 features:

GridEdit: The Field focus marker will turn orange instead of blue if the field is editable. Monitor: Additional server stats and alerts if appropriate. Security: Support for very large Active Directories (100,000+ members). Security: Ability to search for users and groups. Security: The Denied user access setting automatically drops other access. Security: Users and Groups used during configuration are cached for 10 minutes. UI: Force browsers to retrieve custom CSS file updates.

dbFront 1.1.0 features:

  • Attachments: Add support for the RTF document type.
  • Browser: Now use MomentJS for browser date handling.
  • ExcelExport: Export to an Excel xslx template. See: ExcelTemplates
  • ExcelExport: Export around formula fields to allow for calculations and charts.
  • ExcelExport: Optionally export to a specific sheet and range.
  • GridEditing: Grid Editing is now supported for most basic types.
  • GridEditing: Disable grid editing if row or table security prevents updates.
  • GridEditing: Replaced 'selected' column class with 'focus' as used by the grid editing.
  • Keyboard: CNTRL-Enter or SHIFT-CNTRL-S to save and open a new record. See: Keyboard
  • Layout: Added Splitter between Table and Details beside table.
  • Layout: Change default layout to TableBesideDetails.
  • Locking: Enable OnEdit locking. See: RecordLocking
  • Table: Ability to use a table/view column to specify a Row CSS class. See: Table-Row-Styling
  • Table: Unsaved changes now better reflected in TableGrid.
  • Trial: Removed View limit in Trial version.
  • Widgets: Updated libraries (Select2, MomentJS, DataTables.net, +++)
  • Widgets: Replaced jQueryUI Date and Trent Richardson TimePicker widget.
  • Widgets: Add TimeZoneEditing to the DataTable.net DateTimePicker.

The full release history can be found at dbfront.com/releasehistory#v1.1.1

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