dbFront 1.0.15 is the stable end of the 1.0 branch of dbFront

The 1.0.15 branch has stabilized with 17 new features and 55 fixes and will only be receiving important bug fixes going forward. It contains lots of dependability for your #sqlserver, #mysql and #oracle database applications.

The 1.0.15 branch of dbFront has primarily been about solidifying and finalizing the 1.0 branch of dbFront. As such there are few outstanding features. Instead the focus was on making things dependable with a few new features to help round out the functionality and improve the validation. Even the listed features are primarily targeted at preventing issues rather then adding functionality.

The full list of features for the 1.0.15 branch is:

  • ActionButton: Allow RunProcedure action to trigger table open.
  • ActionButtons: Allow some ActionButtons without a selected record.
  • ActionButton: Don't require row-selection to enable buttons if parameters are expressions.
  • Attachments: Set FileNameField with name of uploaded file.
  • Authentication: Better feedback if invalid usernames/domains are specified.
  • Cascading: Allow cascading lookups against non-lookup fields.
  • CssFile: Automatically test and correct CSS filenames.
  • Core: Updated to latest jQuery 3.4.1
  • FileTypes: Added support for the Visio (vsd, vsdx) file types.
  • LoginDetails: Now always available.
  • LogoFile: Automatically test and correct Logo filenames.
  • M-M: Ability to single select using a M-M relationship to define the valid options.
  • RunProcedure: Trim procedure name before saving.
  • RunProcedure: Suggest checking for SP access if not found.
  • Reporting: Moved printing from WebApp to Service.
  • SQL: To help debug performance issue, SQL logging now includes duration.
  • SingleSignOn: Save authentication email on profile creation.

The new 1.1 branch of dbFront will launch a whole new set of functionality!

The full release history for the 1.0.15 branch can be found at dbfront.com/releasehistory#v1.0.15

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