New Pricing, New Features, New Team

In this post you will find information on: price changes, new features including support for Crystal Reports, and how we are growing to better serve the needs of the dbFront community. There is also an opportunity to win a free year of support or a new Pro license. All you need to do is fill out a 15 question survey. Our goal is to make dbFront a standard part of the toolkit for DBAs and Database Analysts. The survey is intended to help us reach that goal.

Rising Inflation

The crazy inflation levels have forced our hand with some basic essentials nearly doubling in price. The updated pricing is available on the dbFront licensing page at

Expanding Features


Earlier this year, dbFront added direct support for printing and exporting Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is a powerful and popular reporting standard that represents a solid way for users to generate complex business reports of all types. For more details on dbFront support for Crystal Reports support see:

Every new release of dbFront continues to expand dbFront’s extensive list of features. For a full listing of the changes see

Increasing Security

2022-05-31blogPostImage2 Security and Stability have always been core features of dbFront. Interns Amjad and Amal are helping improve both by increasing the number of application acceptance tests and designing and executing a series of penetration tests.

The application acceptance tests are run as part of each release build to ensure that existing functionality continues to hold solid. The manual penetration tests are intended to expand the coverage of the existing automated penetration tests.

Growing Team


The number of people involved in dbFront is going up. dbFront used to be a one-man show, but those days have come to an end. As the work and complexity increases more help is needed: Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Application Testing, Penetration Testing and more.. Some, like interns Amjad and Amal, are helping out for a time, others are here for the long haul.

Survey (free licence or support)


Although we have an active suggested-feature-list ( we thought it was about time that we surveyed our users to verify that we were working on the most important items.

One out of every 100 survey participants will win a free year of support for their existing licence or a new PRO licence.

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