dbFront Unleashed - Free is even more Free!

dbFront Unleashed - Free is even more Free!

01, Oct Anthony van Orizande

dbFront makes it simple to visualize, query and edit your existing data. There has always been a FREE version of dbFront. FREE versions of dbFront can now access far more complex databases and include views to help summarize data, enhance filtering and extend security. The 1.1.5 release of dbFront removes the object and view limitations.

FREE versions of dbFront start with 3 users, but with referrals, the user limit can be raised to any level. Each referral will raise the user count from 3 to 7, 14, 21, 28.... to infinity! For more details see: dbFront referrals

Our goal is that dbFront becomes a standard part of the toolkit for DBAs and Database Analysts. FREE users have full assess to the existing documentation, videos and Q&A site.

PRO Unleashed

We have also removed the view limit from the PRO versions of dbFront. For more details see: Licensing Updates

dbFront 1.1.5 features:

  • Decimals: Improved Decimal handling and ability to set Decimal rounding. See: Rounding
  • Licensing: FREE license limited to 3 users with referrals to add more. See: Referrals
  • Licensing: Removed the Object Limit for FREE licenses.
  • Licensing: Removed the View Limit for FREE licenses. See: Views
  • Licensing: Removed the View Limit for PRO licenses.
  • Search: Add admin setting (FullLikeRowLimit) to set max table size for full-like searches. e.g. '%value%'.
  • Search: Improved composite searches covering both regular and fulltext indexes. See: Full-Text Search
  • Search: Improved handling of quoted keywords.
  • Structure: Prompt for page refresh if structure changes are detected.

The full release history can be found at dbFront 1.1.5 Release History

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