dbFront 1.1.4 Feature Release

dbFront 1.1.4 Feature Release

29, Sep Anthony van Orizande

The 1.1.4 branch of dbFront is now the feature release. This release builds on 1.1.1 by continuing to improve the Grid Editing and adding yet more functionality including database level full-text search. This allows dbFront users to take full advantage of the Full-Text search functionality built into MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

  • 1.1.2 adds creation of exports and reports directly from a Stored Procedure.
  • 1.1.3 adds the major feature of database level Full-Text search.
  • and 1.1.4 adds the ability to save grid changes directly to the database.

Many other features are detailed below. In total there are 24 new features and 41 new fixes as compared to dbFront 1.1.1.

dbFront Version: 1.1.4 features:

  • GridEditing: Optionally allow Grid changes to save immediately to the database.
  • GridEditing: Mark individual Grid fields as [Default, ReadOnly, or Editable].
  • GridEditing: Mark GridEditing as [Disabled, SaveToCache, or SaveToDatabase].

dbFront Version: 1.1.3 features:

  • Caching: Ability to disable internal caching for externally updated tables.
  • Fulltext: Added support for Full-Text indexes to dbFront. See: Fulltext-Search
  • Fulltext: Default includes basic Stem searching similar to the LIKE "word%"
  • MySQL: Support: "Default", "Boolean", "Natural Language" and "Query Expansion" Full-Text Search.
  • Oracle: Support: "Default" and "Contains" Oracle Text Search.
  • SQL Server: Support: "Default", "Contains" and "FreeText" Full-Text Search.
  • StoredProcedure: Added OpenUrl option to ServerRequest. See: Results
  • StoredProcedure: Updated OpenTable to add Target option [Redirect, NewTab, Dialog].

dbFront Version: 1.1.2 features:

  • ConfigBackup: Ability to export obfuscated data.
  • ConfigBackup: Ability to export selected tables.
  • Header: Add profile fields to the Site Header HTML. e.g. {profile[FieldName]}
  • Help: Set a HelpURL for each table allowing custom external sidebar help.
  • Import: Allow data import from Excel(xlsx) files.
  • LogViewer: Oversized logfiles now truncated to the last 5000 lines.
  • ProfileFields: Use Profile fields in Button or Layout visibility expressions.
  • Reseller: Support reseller integration.
  • RunProcedure: Optionally create a Export (csv, xlsx) from Stored Procedures.
  • RunProcedure: Optionally print/download a Quick Report from Stored Procedures.
  • UI: Any configured database logos will appear in the user menu.
  • UrlField: Optionally display Url field as Link.
  • UrlField: Optionally display Url field as inline iFrame or Image.

The full release history can be found at dbfront.com/releasehistory#v1.1.4

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